Thirty-Plus Years Righting Wrongful Terminations

Wrongful termination — also called wrongful dismissal or wrongful discharge — refers to a firing that violates an employee’s civil rights. Many times, employees whose employers fire them feel that the dismissal was unjust. However, this does not necessarily indicate a wrongful termination. Specifically, a wrongful termination is one that is based on discrimination or other illegal factors.

In Texas, most companies are “at-will” employers. This means they do not have formal employment contracts with their workers and may fire them at any time. Fortunately, at-will employees do have rights that protect them from unjust discharge. Your employer cannot fire you for a reason that violates federal or state employment law.

Since 1984, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia have won significant verdicts and/or obtained favorable settlements in the many cases the firm has handled. The firm is committed to fighting for your worker rights and ensuring that you are treated and compensated fairly. If you feel you have been wrongfully fired, you need a strong, tenacious lawyer who truly cares about and respects you. You need The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia.

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