We Find Solutions To The Most Difficult Cases

The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia offers tenacious, strategic representation to both employees and employers in the Rio Grande Valley area and throughout Texas. In our 30-plus years of experience, the firm has earned a reputation for taking on the most difficult employment law cases. By using strategy and skill, the firm has resolved complex issues, including:

  • Wrongful termination: If your employer fired you unlawfully, we can work to get your old job back or obtain monetary compensation.
  • Workplace discrimination: No one should experience discrimination on the job. We can help hold the perpetrator accountable.
  • Workplace retaliation: It is illegal to retaliate against employees who assert their rights. Take steps to stop your employer’s retaliation.
  • Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment is still a major problem in the workplace. Tell your story and end your harassment.
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act: Do you qualify for leave under the FMLA, but your employer refuses to grant it? Or you may have taken a leave and now your employer is retaliating. We can help protect your FMLA rights.
  • Disability issues: No matter what your disability is, our law firm can help protect your rights and ensure that you have accommodations.
  • Workers’ compensation retaliation: If your employer retaliated against you due to your workers’ compensation claim, we can advocate for your rights.

Mexican Employment Law

Frequently, Texas companies hire Mexican employees or work with businesses based in Mexico, like maquiladoras. Legal disputes among these parties require an attorney with a deep understanding of both American and Mexican labor laws. We have worked extensively with clients from both countries. Often, we collaborate with lawyers from Mexico and handle the American legal side of a dispute.

Attorney Cindy A. Garcia is also a certified mediator who can act as a neutral party to help resolve employment and business law disputes.

Effectively Address Your Employment Law Issues

Schedule an initial consultation with The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia, and we can begin the steps to resolve your legal matters. We provide appointments in Brownsville, and we have an office in McAllen. Call 956-404-0724 or contact us via email. Hablamos español.

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