A Litigator And Mediator With 30 Years’ Experience

At The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia, we represent businesses and individuals embroiled in business litigation and construction claims. Business litigation may arise over:

  • Breach of contract and other contractual disputes
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Partnership disputes
  • Dissolution of partnerships
  • Noncompete agreements

The earlier you bring your case to us, the better. By intervening early, we can frequently use mediation to resolve a dispute instead of going to court. If both parties agree to mediation, the Texas Workforce Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provide free mediators. This is often a good way to resolve a case in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our founding attorney, Cindy A. Garcia, is a certified mediator.

Resolve Complex Construction Claims

At any scale, construction projects may result in business disputes between the owner and a contractor or a contractor and subcontractor. Disputes may include:

  • Scheduling claims
  • Contract violations
  • Construction or design defect claims
  • Performance and payment bond claims

A lawyer from the firm can work with you to review the original agreement and identify how the other party failed to meet its professional or contractual obligations. Ms. Garcia may then pursue your case through negotiations or construction litigation. The firm also takes such cases on behalf of construction businesses that are named in defect claims and those that have not been fully paid by owners or developers. The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia is prepared to assist with change orders, construction liens and other legal actions on either side of the equation.

In The Business World, Time Is Money

The faster you resolve a case, the less money it usually costs, considering all the time and effort expended. But sometimes, one side is not willing to budge. A dispute can turn into a contest of wills that drags on for years. Ms. Garcia talks to clients from not only a legal standpoint, but also a business one. Often, it truly does not make sense to fight a case; instead, it is better to find a cost-effective and efficient resolution.

The firm also recognizes that some cases must inevitably proceed to trial. Skilled litigators will not hesitate to represent your side in court.

Arrange A Consultation At Our Convenient Locations

The Law Offices of Cindy A. Garcia offers two convenient locations for consultations: McAllen and Brownsville. To schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer, simply call the law office at 956-404-0724 or send an inquiry online. The sooner you send an inquiry, the sooner a resolution will be within reach. Se habla español.